Turbocharger McLaren 720S / 765LT TS1200 Upgrade


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Product Overview

-TS Billet Compressor Wheel
-UHF Splitter Turbine Wheels
-Upgraded Bearing Housing
-VSR Balanced 
-Engineered to support 1000whp+
-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Housing
-Ceramic Coated Hot Housing inside and outside

 (Ultra High Flow) Splitter Turbine Wheels for turbochargers offer several benefits:

Increased Flow Capacity: UHF turbine wheels are designed to enhance the flow capacity of the turbocharger. This increased flow allows for more air to be drawn into the engine, promoting better combustion and potentially higher horsepower.

Improved Efficiency: The design of UHF turbine wheels often focuses on optimizing airflow, leading to improved overall turbocharger efficiency. This can result in better fuel efficiency and performance.

Reduced Backpressure: UHF turbine wheels can help reduce exhaust backpressure. Lower backpressure allows the engine to expel exhaust gases more efficiently, leading to improved turbocharger response and potential power gains.

Reduced EGT (exhaust gas temperature) less backpressure = more flow - lower EGT helps keep engine safe

Enhanced Durability: The materials and design used in UHF turbine wheels are often chosen for their durability. This can contribute to a longer lifespan for the turbocharger, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Better Spooling Characteristics: UHF turbine wheels can contribute to quicker spooling of the turbocharger, meaning that the turbocharger responds more rapidly to changes in engine load or throttle input. This can result in improved drivability and performance.

*price for your turbos upgrade 

**core exchange optional 

***purchase availabe w/o core return (+$4000 additional to price)


Requires your turbos to be sent to Steso Performance
Core Exchange (optional)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review